Women’s Ministry

Our ministry seeks to equip, empower, and encourage each other to become faithful women of God so that we may minister to our families, the church, and our community. CLICK HERE to sign up for the Women’s Ministry email list and be the first to hear about upcoming events and opportunities for women.
Women’s Bible Study
Sundays & Tuesdays | 9:45am
Beginning March 12 & 14 – March 26 & 28
It is far too easy to get distracted by the world and allow our schedules to overwhelm our lives. We want to help you learn to “Pause With God.” Learn to take small steps to experience more of God’s presence and power in your life. When we hear God’s voice through His Word, He calms our fears and frees us to receive His peace and joy. Join us for this 3-week class on Sundays or Tuesdays beginning March 12 and 14 at 9:45am.
Women’s Day at High Hill
Saturday, April 1 | 9am – 4pm
Women of WCC, we are attending a Day of Praise at High Hill Christian Camp! This $30 one-day event includes top-notch programming, interactive sessions, a light breakfast and lunch, and an option to purchase an exclusive Day of Praise t-shirt or hoodie. For more information visit highhillcamp.org.

Women’s 246 Groups

246 groups are based on Acts 2:46 where the first century Christians met in each other’s homes for meals and fellowship. You will gather together once a month for 2 hours, discuss 4 questions from a Bible study, and meet with 6 women. Enjoy a meal with one-another and leave with deeper relationships and a better understanding of God’s love for you. All 246 Groups are multi-generational.
This season, we will be doing a deeper dive into what it means to be Women of Rest. Rest is not something our culture looks at as a virtue, but God created us to Rest in Him. When we truly rest in the Lord, we are able to see who God created us to be, live out the mission He gave us, and find peace in this life.  Come together with other women to discover what the Word says about being Women of Rest.
If you would like to join a 246 group, email Laura.


Women of the Word: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd John

Virtual Bible Study | Video Lessons Below
This virtual Bible Study takes us through the letters of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John. These Letters bring us truth in a time of uncertainty and defines love in the person of Jesus. There’s a constant battle of what is more important: truth or love, but John shows us how we need to have both in unity and live them out with the assurance we have in Jesus.