Men’s Ministry

Men’s Purity Seminar

October 24 | 8:30 – 11am 
All men struggle with purity, but few men are brave enough to do anything about it. Join with other men to eat breakfast, watch inspiring videos featuring a real fighter pilot, hear honest testimonials, and explore biblical resources on how to conquer the battle. No shame, no guilt, and no judgment. Breakfast begins at 8:30am. Please RSVP on your Connection Card or below.

Men’s 246 Groups

Calling all men! 2020/2021 Men’s 246 groups are now forming. Groups will meet for 2 hours each month, watch a short video & discuss 4 questions, and consist of 6 guys in each group. Please fill out this form to indicate your availability. Groups will meet once a month from Oct-May. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” [Prov 27:17].
For this season of 246 groups we will be looking at the life of Paul and how we can follow his example and learn from his mistakes as a man of God. His life was full of ups, downs, trials, temptations, successes, and blessings. This gifted and powerful leader gave it all up to transform from a persecutor of Christians, to a Christian being persecuted. Other than Jesus, he became the most important person in the formation and growth of the worldwide Christian church. As we go through his story, may it impact you and your life as a leader and a man of God.

Men’s Breakfast

Meets at 9am on the first Tuesday of the month at IHOP in Wentzville.
Contact for details.


There are 2-3 events per year for men. Upcoming events will be listed below.