Life Groups at WCC:

Life groups are the heartbeat of WCC. We make them a priority because we know they are a great place to get connected, develop life-changing relationships, and dig into God’s Word. You will connect with one-another to learn about the Bible and discuss the sermons each week in more depth and detail. Please read the Life Group FAQ for more information.
If you are interested in joining a group, please fill out the interest form below. If a traditional Life Group does not work for you, please consider forming your own micro-group (4-6 people) with a few friends or family. Training and resources will be provided.
                           Life Group Interest Form 
Contact Kurt Charlton, Discipleship Minister, with any questions.

Life Group Workbooks:

You can download a digital copy of the workbook that corresponds with the current sermon series. This can be used to take sermon notes, follow along with the Life Group discussion, and go through daily devotionals on your own. Physical copies are available in the back of the auditorium at the beginning of each sermon series.
“Unleashed – Part 3”                            “Unleashed – Part 2”                                 “Unleashed – Part 1”
[November 2021]                                   [October 10-31, 2021]                                 [September 2021]
“Foundations – Part 1”                         “Foundations – Part 2”                            “Foundations – Part 3”
[February 2021]                                      [March 2021]                                             [April 2021]
[January 2021]
[Fall 2020]                                                 [Fall 2020]
“I Choose Joy – Part 2”                             “I Choose Joy – Part 1”
[June 2020]                                                [May 2020]                     
[April 2020]                                                [March 2020]
[February 2020]
[January 5 – February 1, 2020]