10% of general fund gifts to WCC are given to ignite a passion for Jesus in Wentzville and beyond. Below is the list of mission organizations that WCC partners with through finances and resources.


Central Christian College of the Bible

Moberly, Missouri | cccb.edu

Frontiers Ministries

Daniel & Kelsey | frontiers.org

Jireh India Missions

The George family

Haitian Island Ministries

Port-au-Prince, Haiti | haitianislandministries.org

High Hill Christian Camp

High Hill, MO | highhillcamp.org

HOPE Food Pantry

O’Fallon, MO


St Louis | lovethelou.com

Maxson Family – Team Expansion

Dubai, UAE | teamexpansion.org

Messimer Family – Team Expansion

Pitts Family – CMF

Kenya | cmfi.org

Sanchez Family – Outreach International

Colima, Mexico – Me & My House Ministries – oionline.org

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch

Kahoke & Clarence, MO – shilohranch.org

Show-Me Christian Youth Home


World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization helping children, families, and their communities overcome poverty and injustice. Through their sponsorship programs, they help bring clean water, food, clothing, education, and a relationship with God to families in need. Our church participated in #CHOSEN and 146 children were able to choose their sponsor from those at WCC that signed up to be chosen. If you would like to sponsor a child in the same communities that WCC has invested in, go to worldvision.org and choose a child from Budde Kalamba or Kalongo, Uganda. You can learn more about what World Vision is doing in these communities here:
Budde Kalamba                   Kalongo