246 Groups

246 groups are based on Acts 2:46 where the first century Christians met in each other’s homes for meals and fellowship. You’ll come together once a month for 2 hours, discuss through 4 questions, with 6 men or women. You’ll gather together for a meal and leave with deeper relationships and a better understanding of God’s love for you.
All 246 groups are multi-generational and gender specific. Groups meet once a month for 8 months, generally from October to May.

Men’s 246 Groups

For this season of 246 groups we will be study what it means to be Men of the Word. Scripture is God’s Word to us and the best way for us to truly know God, His character, and His love for His people. 

Women’s 246 Groups 

This season, we will focus on what it means to be Women of the Word. God’s Word is a treasure and a gift that gives us the chance to truly know God, His character, His love for us, and so much more. We will unpack how our faith journey defines who we really are as we fall in love with God and become Women of the Word.