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Discipleship Minister

Wentzville Christian Church is located in Wentzville, MO, one of the fastest growing cities and school districts in the state, on the edge of the St. Louis region. WCC’s mission is to ignite a passion for Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and Others.
We are looking for a Discipleship Minister to join our Team! WCC is a growing church with attendance averaging 950+ and growing. We are looking for someone with experience in Discipleship Ministry in a comparable church and a ministry degree is preferred. This person must be spiritually mature, relational/personable, a team player, and a high-capacity leader with strong organizational skills.
Key responsibilities include:
Adult Education and Groups
Men’s Discipleship
Assimilation of attendees and members into areas of growth & service
Job Description available HERE
Competitive compensation based on experience and education
Please send resume with cover letter or CV to keith@wentzvillecc.org





After Care 


WCC Team Values

Doing what we say we will do and admitting when we mess up.
[honest | loyal | trustworthy | transparent]
Working together to pursue our mission.
[supportive | coachable | collaborative | humble]
Deliberate and purposeful in everything we do.
[strategic | focused | prepared | purposeful]
Work hard and be accountable for what we’ve been called to do.
[owner | hardworking | reliable | excellence]
Being flexible to new ideas and challenges that come our way.
[patient | resourceful | creative | problem-solver]
Have a positive approach to our ministry and teammates.
[fun | optimistic | passionate | Christlike]