246 Groups

246 groups are based on Acts 2:46 where the first century Christians met in each other’s homes for meals and fellowship. You’ll come together once a month for 2 hours, discuss through 4 questions, with 6 men or women. You’ll gather together for a meal and leave with deeper relationships and a better understanding of God’s love for you. All 246 groups are multi-generational and gender specific. Register by October 3, groups launch the week of October 17. Groups will meet October through May. 

Men’s 246 Groups

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”
[Prov 27:17].
For this season of 246 groups we will be looking at the life of Moses and how we can follow his example and learn from his mistakes as a man of God. His life was full of ups, downs, trials, temptations, successes, and blessings. As we go through the life of this leader and man of God, may it impact you and your life as a leader and a man of God.

Women’s 246 Groups 

God uses ordinary women to do extraordinary things. He equips each of us as He is calling us to be Women of Action for Him. During this session of Women’s 246 groups, we will look at women from scripture, see how they stepped into their calling to be Women of Action and learn from their boldness to go and live out God’s calling in our own lives on a daily basis.