Passion for Jesus: Worship SERIES Passion for Jesus: Worship

Passion for Jesus: making his habits our habits. This series…

Passion for Jesus: Fellowship SERIES Passion for Jesus: Fellowship

Passion for Jesus: making his habits our habits. This series…

Passion for Jesus: Listening SERIES Passion for Jesus: Listening

Passion for Jesus: making his habits our habits. This series…

Passion for Jesus: Rest SERIES Passion for Jesus: Rest

Passion for Jesus: making his habits our habits. This series…


Passion for Jesus

We will work through the habits, or disciplines, we see in Jesus and how we can make them our own to have a stronger passion for Jesus.


We are committed to Igniting a Passion for Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and Others. Come hear what this means for us as a church and in our

Summer at the Movies: Star Wars

You won't want to miss our SUMMER AT THE MOVIES series -- STAR WARS! We'll be talking about some of the UNLIKELY HEROES from Star Wars as we take a look…

God Never Said That

Did God say Thou Shalt Not Dance? Thou Shalt Not Judge? Thou Shalt Be Happy?

Won't You Be My Neighbor

We need to love our neighbors, yes even the ones next door.

Easter 2018


Made for This


Stand Firm Love Well


Habits that Ignite a Passion


Keeping the Grinch Out of Christmas


Missions Sunday 2017


Giving Thanks To God

Giving Thanks - Grateful

Walk This Way

In order to walk as Jesus walked, we need to keep in step with the Spirit

The Proverbial Family

How Proverbs fit into our family lives.

Summer at the Movies:Baseball Classics

We will look at Major League Players in the Book of Acts.


From the Birth of Israel to the Church today, God delivers and dwells with His people.

Stranger Things

Jesus had some amazing moments with strangers, people who didn’t fit the mold of the rest of society. Some of them would definitely fit the description…

Easter Sunday 4-16-17


Actions Speak Louder


Room For Doubt

Answering the questions you have about Christianity.

God First

Put God First in 2017

Simply Christmas

Simple truths of Christmas

Mission Sunday 2016


Better Together

Some things in life are okay by themselves, but some are so much better together. Think peanut butter and jelly...mac and cheese.
We'll take a look at…

DETOUR: Life of Joseph

Join us as we travel through the bumps and turns in the life of Joseph. Our lives don't often end up where we thought they would. But at the end of the…

Summer at the Movies

We're taking a look at movies from 1996 and drawing some biblical principles that we can apply to everyday life.

Here are the movies and the 90's worship…

UNcommon: Jesus on the Mount

His life was Uncommon.
His teachings were Uncommon.
His followers are Uncommon.
A study of Jesus' Uncommon teachings from the Sermon on the Mount.

I Am

In order to know who we are, we need to know who Jesus is when he says, “I AM.” As we focus on each “I AM” statement in the Gospel of John, reflect on…


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The last words of a dying man reveal what he truly values. We'll look at words spoken by Jesus while he was on the cross. ‪#‎WCCcrosswords‬

Shape Up

Taking the time to exercise and get in shape is a healthy thing to do. But doesn't it seem all to easy to get out of shape? It can work the same way from…

Preparing for 2016 and Beyond

Senior Minister takes a look at how we can make commitments in this next year to bring us closer to the life God has planned for us.


The birth of Jesus and the events surrounding his entrance into the world caused wonder, astonishment and awe. We'll look at some examples and ask – Are…

Fixing Us

This 4 part series offers practical advice on how to improve your marriage. Join us as we use God's word to learn how to make our marriages work.

Persecution & God's Open Doors

On Missions Sunday, Chris DeWelt shares stories from the bible that changes how we look at "Open Doors."

Going Under

Questions about baptism? Many of us have witnessed a baptism, but what does baptism really mean according to the Bible?