Imagine having your senses bombarded through large spaces and large crowds; strangers entering into your personal space demanding eye contact and interaction; bright lighting/loud sounds/and tons of things providing stimulation that overload your system. We have some VIP friends that struggle with this weekly and they need extra help.
WentzvilleKidz offers a VIP program for children who need extra help being in a classroom situation on Sunday mornings. We have awesome volunteers who can be a one-on-one with you child if that is something your family would need.
WentzvilleKidz also offers a sensory room if your child is in need of a little down time. To recuperate, we have created a sensory room that is open during the 10:30am service.
Both of these services are available during our 10:30am service. The VIP volunteer would need to be pre-arranged. For more information or to set up you child with a VIP volunteer, contact Emily Hassler, our VIP Coordinator.

WENTZVILLEKIDZ VIP RESPITE DAY ***on hold until further notice***

Not only do we want to build our Sunday wentzvilleKidz VIP team, we have decided to create a once a month respite open to the community. This respite will be one Saturday a month from 10 am – 12 noon (for those of us who serve, it will be 9:30 am – 12:30 pm). We will have basic tools that will promote swinging, jumping, as well as sensory items to regulate and calm the body and mind. Each child will leave better than they came, and each parent will receive a much needed respite. We invite you to build the wentzvilleKidz ministry in 2 ways: 1. Become a one-on-one for a student who integrates into our classrooms today. 2. Sign up to serve at these future respite days. Together, we can ignite a passion for Jesus, the Bible, the Church and Others within the hearts of families and communities by serving those who are VIPs.