Your child’s safety and security are important to us. We use a secure check-in system and provide a safe environment for all children.

Here’s what you need to know for your first visit here with kids.
  1. Head to our children’s area. As you come through the front door, you will see our Connection Counter at the back of the lobby. Feel free to stop to ask questions or to continue on to the children’s area. (It will be down the hallway to the left.)
  2. At the Children’s Counter, a member of our check-in team will help you use our secure check-in process for your child. From then on, check-in is a breeze.
  3. Let us know if this is your first visit — we will take you and your child to the appropriate room and introduce you to the teachers!


Early Childhood (birth to 5 year olds)

We have age-appropriate rooms for Infants through 5 year olds. Each room is a unique learning experience that meets the kids on their level. From the 1-year-old class forward, we emphasize a fun large-group time of singing, dancing, and moving and then break into smaller groups for the lesson.

Elementary (K-2nd Grade) & Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

The 8:30 & 11 am classes will be similar with a different focus at the 9:45 class. Each service time has an interactive large group presentation as well as classroom activities, keeping kids fully engaged; so families can serve and worship each week.  



Imagine having your senses bombarded through large spaces and large crowds; strangers entering into your personal space demanding eye contact and interaction; bright lighting/loud sounds/and tons of things providing stimulation that overload your system. We have some VIP friends that struggle with this weekly and they need extra help. 
WentzvilleKidz offers a VIP Program for children who need extra help being in a classroom situation on Sunday mornings. We have awesome volunteers who can be a 1-on-1 with your child if that is something your family would need. We try to schedule the same VIP for each child, so arrangements will need to be made beforehand. Contact Connor Davidson, Elementary Minister, for more information. 
WentzvilleKidz also offers a sensory room if your child is in need of a little down time. The sensory room is available for a 1-on-1 to take a child to each morning, or it can be staffed upon request if a child needs to spend the entire morning in there.