Thank you for all who donated to our 2022 Christmas offering! We are so blessed and are celebrating a total gift of $355,384! 
Construction for the new parking lot is underway! Updates on the current parking lot will happen later this year. 
First $10,000 – Eric & Caitlin Pitts [Kenya] – Audio Bibles
The Pitts are ministering to a group of people where the best way to get God’s Word into their hands is through Audio Bibles. We will be helping to provide a few hundred audible Bibles through this Christmas Offering. The Audio Bibles will look similar to an mp3 player, but will be solar-powered. What an amazing way to get God’s Word into the hands of more people!
$400,000 – NEW Parking Lot
It has become clear that our current parking lot does not meet the space need for our church family and Wentzville community. Having had multiple Sunday Mornings where we have run out of parking spaces as well as having to turn people away at events because of no parking, this is needed for us to be able to welcome as many people as possible. The new parking lot will be on the south side of the campus in a field we don’t currently utilize. 
$100,000 – Repair Existing Parking Lot
The parking lot has been in need of repairs and resurfacing. With the addition of the new parking lot, we will do the repairs and resurfacing at the same time.