THANK YOU for your extreme generosity this Christmas season!
Thanks to you, we were able to bring in $159,630 as well as donated time and resources that will greatly reduce the cost of the Pavilion.
What an amazing blessing this is for the Maxson family, our church family, and the community!
First $10,000 – Tim & Amy Maxson [Ministers in Dubai]
$10,000 to bless their family for contnuing personal and ministry needs
$150,000 – WCC Pavilion
Outdoor shelter to provide flexible gathering space for large events.
$40,000 – WCC Auditorium Carpet
This is the only remaining original carpet in the building. It is dated and quite worn.
Why is a pavilion needed?
  • Now, more than ever, our church and community need places where we can gather. This will provide a large, unique, and flexible gathering space that can be used most of the year.
What is the estimated timeline [2022]?
  • Site Plan Approved by city [Jan]
  • Permit Approved by city [Feb]
  • Order Kit [Feb]
  • Concrete [March]
  • Material delivery [April]
  • Assemble Pavilion [April-May]
  • Electrical/Finishings [May]
  • Fixtures/Furnishings [June]
  • Completion [June]
How will it be used?
  • WCC programs and events such as:
  • VBS
  • Fall Fest
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Burgers & Bible
  • Life Group cookouts
  • Ministry Team gatherings
  • Wentzville Christian Preschool
  • Community events such as:
  • Weddings
  • Party rentals
  • Small concerts
  • Family gatherings
  • Graduation parties
What are the specifications?
  • 60ft x 80ft [4800 sq ft]
  • Wood structure with metal roof
  • Colors will match existing buildings
  • Enclosed ceiling, 18in overhang with gutters
  • Internal ceiling height at 12ft with lights, fans, etc.
  • Concrete pad with landscaping that will connect to the driveway and shed
  • Plans for sound system, grill, fireplace, heaters, picnic tables
  • Plastic tables and chairs stored in shed

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