Wentzville Christian Church Land Purchase Approved
Frequently Asked Questions – July 2022

We want to celebrate with our church community – we had vote on July 24 and it was an overwhelming “YES!” with 98% of our church approving of the purchase. Thanks to everyone for your support and participation by praying and voting!

Q1.  Why are we purchasing land and how will it be used?

A. We believe God’s plan for His church is to grow.  As we continue to grow, we anticipate eventually expanding our facility using this new land at that time for additional parking.  The land could also provide flexibility for future leaders to use in ways we may not envision today.


Q2.  How much land are we purchasing and where is it located?

A. We are purchasing the 3.74 acres adjacent to the north of our existing property which includes the northern entrance we currently use.

Q3.  How much will it cost and how will we pay for it?

A. The sale price is $1.2 million.  The seller is gifting WCC $400K of its value and we are paying $800K which will be financed at 3.5%.  WCC originally owned the property, but sold it in 2007 for $1 million to help the much smaller congregation at that time fund this building.  


Q4.  How is the church doing financially?

A. God has continued to bless WCC with a congregation who is faithful with their tithes and offerings.  In addition, our elders and staff are careful in the use of funds provided.  This has enabled the church to pay down the original $4.4 million mortgage from 2007 to currently just under $2 million while also growing in attendance from roughly 240 people to averaging over 800 per week.  


Q5.  Do we have plans to expand our existing facility?

A. While there are no current plans to expand our existing facility, continued growth will eventually require expansion.


Q6.  Do we have plans to expand parking?

A. Yes.  We’re excited to announce that we have begun the engineering phase to expand parking on the south side of our property.  We anticipate this phase will be completed in the Fall followed by construction.  We’ll have more information to share on this project in the coming months.


Q7.  How can we get additional information?

A. If anyone would like additional information, you can also contact the elders by sending an email to info@wentzvillecc.org and put ‘Question for the Elders’ as the subject.  


Q8.  Who are the Elders and what is their role at WCC?

A. Serving four-year terms, the Elders at WCC lead, protect, and serve the congregation as a board of overseers/directors based on New Testament principles.  Current elders include:
Steve Berry
Mike Fallon
Vann Sample
Jeff Stevens, Secretary
Keith Comp
Pat McDonald, Chair
Mike Schwada, Vice Chair

Where are we in the process?
The permit approval process through the City of Wentzville has taken longer than expected, but we are back on track! We officially have the permits needed to get started and are excited to see construction begin soon!
Why is a pavilion needed?
Now, more than ever, our church and community need places where we can gather. This will provide a large, unique, and flexible gathering space that can be used most of the year.
How will it be used?
  • WCC programs and events such as:
  • VBS
  • Fall Fest
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Burgers & Bible
  • Life Group cookouts
  • Ministry Team gatherings
  • Wentzville Christian Preschool
  • Community events such as:
  • Weddings
  • Party rentals
  • Small concerts
  • Family gatherings
  • Graduation parties
What are the specifications?
  • CLICK HERE to view the approved Site Plan
  • 60ft x 80ft [4800 sq ft]
  • Wood structure with metal roof
  • Colors will match existing buildings
  • Enclosed ceiling, 18in overhang with gutters
  • Internal ceiling height at 12ft with lights, fans, etc.
  • Concrete pad with landscaping that will connect to the driveway and shed
  • Plans for sound system, grill, fireplace, heaters, picnic tables
  • Plastic tables and chairs stored in shed
  • General Contractors: Cole McCollum & Mike Schwada
  • Concrete/Flatwork: Concrete Construction LLC [Nick Hargis]
  • Electrical: Bates Electric
  • Construction: Marrick Contracting [Rick Detweiler/Marcus Buemel]
  • Site Plan Engineer: Cochran Engineering [Kurt Daniels]
  • Structural Engineer: Scapular Engineering [Jacob Bullinger]
  • Plan Reviewer: City of Wentzville [Mark Chase]