We are thrilled with the response of so many people returning to our campus! Worshipping with all of you has been fantastic! Prior to Covid, we were looking into adding a third service and are excited that we are once again at that point. We also want to do what we can to create a safer space in which to gather for those already coming and those who are waiting to return. 
Beginning April 11th, we will have new service times, adding a service to our Sunday morning. This means change, but change for the sake of growth and for the sake of God’s Kingdom spreading, which is awesome!

The new service times will be 8:30, 9:45, & 11am. 
For this to work, our church family really needs to be together on this, here’s how:
• We need you to pray and invite!
• We need as many of you as possible to pick either the 8:30 or the 11 service to free up space for what we think will continue to be or largest attended service at 9:45.
We need you to serve! If you are serving already, you might need to double up or serve in another area…if you are a member here and not serving, it’s time! Please click here to see areas you can serve in and fill out an interest form. 
• We want to make room to grow, give opportunities for people to serve and ignite a passion for Jesus, the Bible, the Church and Others…and I’m so glad we get to do that together!
Want to join un Online?
Each service will be available online at: