Ignite a passion for the Bible by being refueled each week. 4-6 week electives on Sunday mornings that study a specific topic or section of the Bible. New electives begin every even month [Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec].

April Refuel Studies: 

Begin April 7

Acts [part 1]

9:00 am | Room 209 | 4 weeks – No Class on Easter | Mark Pitts
After Jesus was resurrected, he ascended into heaven and then placed his disciples in charge of His mission. Mark Pitts will go through the amazing story of the early Church described in the book of Acts. This story shows how a small gathering of followers were able to expand the message of Jesus into to a global movement still alive today. [No class on Easter]
Women of Motherhood
10:30 am | Room 209 | 4 weeks – No Class on Easter | Various Mother of WCC
No matter how you became a mother, God has blessed you with a unique relationship that comes with a lot of responsibility. Various mothers from WCC will share stories of mothers in the Bible who honored God through motherhood. You will also hear practical suggestions on how to be a Godly mother through all stages in life.