Why Core 52?
This is an essential resource for anyone who wants to build confidence in God’s Word. Think of Core52 as a fast-pass to biblical literacy, calling for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year.
Author Mark Moore identifies the 52  most power-packed passages and distills them into a digestible format for busy people who want to gain proficiency with Scripture.
Core52 is a better way to know the Bible better.
Have you ever found yourself saying the Bible was too difficult to learn about or understand?
Do you struggle to find time or know where to begin when you want to study scripture?
Would you like to be able to help other people deepen their knowledge of scripture?
How do I get involved?
We will be doing the Core 52 study together each Sunday in service, in the Middle School service, and with our 3rd-5th graders. We invite you to stop by the Connection Counter at church to get your own copy of Core 52. We have both the adult and student versions available so everyone can study along with us each week. The 15 minutes you spend each day, 5-days-a-week will have an eternal impact on you and your family. 
How do I get my own copy of Core 52?
Connection Counter at Wentzville Christian Church
Stop by the Connection Counter to get your own copy of Core 52.
How much do they cost?
$10 Each
We were able to get a bulk purchase so each book is only $10! We have both adult and student versions available. 
Do I really need my own Core 52 Book?
We want each person to not only participate on Sunday mornings, but to do the reading during the week. It only takes 15 minutes a day for 5 days each week. If you get behind, it’s pretty easy to catch back up on the weekends. 
Which Core 52 book should I purchase?
Adults will use the Standard Edition.
Students in 9-12 grade can use either edition.
Students in 3rd-8th grade will use the Student Edition.