What Story Are Your Children Living?

As people, we are designed to love stories and to live stories. We all live inside a story, whether we recognize it or not. We tell ourselves a story of what the world is about, what’s important, and what our place in the story is.

Our culture bombards our children with a story that says life is “all about me.” It tells them that they are born by chance, that life is about getting what they want, and that death is the end of the story. The Bible tells a different story, a story of a Lover pursuing His created ones in order to have a personal relationship with each one of them. This story is “all about God.” It tells children that they are born because God wants them, that life is about knowing and loving Him, and that death is not at all the end of the story. It tells them that The Big God Story started long ago, has been lived by people for many centuries, is going somewhere exciting, has a place for each child, and is centered on Jesus.

This resource is designed to help you plant The Big God Story into the hearts of the children in your family, whether they are preschoolers or elementary age. It can be modified to meet your context or schedule as needed.

This resource envisions an adult leader and a small group of two to eight children. If you are a parent with one child, that’s not a problem; you can have the discussion and do the activities one-on-one with your child. Naturally, you can also use this resource to teach a small group of children who might not be yours.  It would be a perfect supplement for a children's teaching time during your adult small group.  You could also use this as the curriculum for your entire small group and have the kids and adults learn together! It truly is a great resource for the entire family!

The content of The Big God Story A Family Bible Study is divided into 15 sessions. Ideally you’ll cover one a week, but again, let this meet your context and your schedule as needed.

Everything you need to teach your family or small group can be downloaded right here by clicking on the name of each section: