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1st - 5th Grade Worship


We believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s chosen teacher; it is He who causes spiritual growth and formation when and as He chooses. As such, we have articulated ten distinct environments that our curriculum will help create in the church and at home. We desire to create spiritual space, which we  refer to as an environment, in which God’s Spirit can move freely in this teaching model. Each environment will not be highlighted each and every week, but over the course of a year, your child will have experienced each environment and seen how God can use them through it.   Here are these 10 environments.

1. STORYTELLING - "God has a big story and I can be a part of it."
2. IDENTITY - "I belong to God and He loves me!"
3. FAITH COMMUNITY - "God's family cares for each other and worships God together."
4. SERVING - "Asks the question, What needs to be done?"
5. OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE - "God transforms me when I step out in faith."
6. RESPONSIBILITY - "God has entrusted me with things and people He created around me."
7. COURSE CORRECTION - "When I get off track, God offers me a path of healing."
8. LOVE & RESPECT - "God fills me with His love so I can give it away."
9. KNOWING - "God knows me and I can know Him."
10. MODELING - "I see Christ in others and they can see Him in me."

 To download resources to help spiritual growth at home, CLICK HERE.



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