First Time with children at WCC?



Thank you for your interest in KidQuest.  As you read under our Safety and Security tab, we are very concerned about your child’s safety.

Here are some helpful hints to navigate your way to the appropriate place(s) on a Sunday morning.
1.  Enter the church through the front door.
2.  As you enter, directly in front of you will be a counter, this is our Welcome Center.
3.  Proceed to the computer monitors where one member of our check-in team will further assist you with the child check-in process.
4.  Notify them that this is your first time so they can direct you to a member of our welcome team who will take you to your appropriate room(s).

Here is a list of the various opportunities for your child on a normal Sunday morning. Please also know that you are welcome to worship with your child in the main worship service or attend of of the following worship services with your child.

Elementary (1st - 5th Grades)

  • KidQuest (Elementary Worship Service) -- This is a large group worship service that takes place at 9:00 and 10:30.
  • You can choose one or both of these environments for your child to learn more about God.
Preschool (4 yrs - Kindergarten)
  • FirstLook (Preschool Worship Service) -- This a a large group worship service just for preschoolers. They play games, sing songs, and have a Bible story time. This takes place during the 9:00 and 10:30 services.
  • You can choose one or both of these environments for your child to have their first look at a loving heavenly father.
Nursery (6 weeks - 3 yrs)
  • We have age appropriate rooms for Infants (103), 1 Year Olds (104), 2 Year Olds (105), and 3 Year Olds (106). Each room is a unique learning experience that meets the kids on their level so they can have their first experiences with a loving heavenly father.