Safety and Security    

Safety and Security

In July of 2009 we implemented a training DVD for all workers in all areas to complete before they are able to serve in one of our KidQuest areas.  So you can rest assured that your child is in great hands of people who have been trained.  Not only do we have this training, but we also require all our volunteers to complete a criminal background check before being allowed to have any contact with children.

We take your child's security very seriously at Wentzville Christian Church which is why we use a computerized check-in system.  The initial registration process can be completed in a few brief minutes at home by filling out the form below or completing it once you arrive at the church, After the form has been completed checking in your kids will be a breeze.
Each week you will get a child and parent tag printed for each child.  Those tags can be printed at the main registration desk or at the nursery registration check-in.  Please put the child tag on the back of the child for the Nursery’s.  For the FirstLook and KidQuest rooms, please place the tag on the front of your child.  Then take each child to their assigned room.  If for any reason we would need you to contact you during service, the 3 digit number on your parent tag would be displayed on the main screens in the worship center.  If you see that number displayed proceed to your child’s room to see what is needed.
To pick your child up after service please proceed to your child's room.  For the nursery you will go to the nursery registration desk to pick up your child.  A worker inside the room will bring your child to you, because workers are the only ones allowed in the nursery area, verify your parent tag matches the child's tag, and then collect both tags.  For the FirstLook and KidQuest rooms you will need to go into the room.  Then proceed with your child to the exit door where a worker will verify your parent tag matches the child's tag and collect both tags.
If you lose your parent tag you will need to come to the registration desk before picking up your child to verify your identity.